dinsdag 29 maart 2016

Dragon Fly Shrine

Dragon Fly shrine, 

Price, 9,95 euro

carboard and texture paste

size 6 x 13 cm

weight 50 gr

steampunk frame

 Steampunk frame, made of chipboard and cardstock, the oval frame is mdf, all given the rust treatment. Inside the frame a small vase with colourfull floweres in 3 d

Price 9,95 euro
size 13 x 18 cm
weight 100 gr

abstract cavas

Abstract canvas in rainbow colours with lots of texture

Price: 20,00 euro

size 17,5 x 23, 5 cm

weight 100 gr

Soar Canvas board

canvas board mixed media painting with dandelions, lots of bright colours used and also a little glitter

prize 20.00 EURO

size 24 x 29,5 cm

weight 150 gr

dinsdag 12 januari 2016

Blue Heart Canvas

Price 25,00 euro

Heart Shaped canvas with a lot of texture because of the Crackle paste used. Hand painted using Deco Art acrylic paints

Size 20 x 20 cm  (8 x 8 inch)

weight: 250 grams

maandag 11 januari 2016

RED Heart canvas

Price: 50 euro (ex shipping)

Size 30 x 24 cm (12 x 9.5 inch)

weight 150 grams

This canvas was inspired by Amy Pearce. I saw a video she made and thought to try and paint my own version.

Deco Art products used: Americana Acrylics in : Sour Aple, Desert Turquoise. Bahama Blue, Red alet and Snow White. Traditions acrylic paint in Carbon Black and Red Violet. Acrylic Gesso and Americana Deco Page matte.

maandag 4 januari 2016

follow your heart canvas

Price : 9,95 euro

Product Description
Mixed media heart canvas
A texture crackle heart on a canvas, painted and stamped background.
size 4x 4 inch (10 x 10 cm)
easel not included